Treatment solutions

Following an initial detailed assessment, your therapist will offer the most effective treatments for you. This could include, manual therapies, maiofascial release, massage, ultrasound, acupuncture and kinesiology taping for example. We always try to involve our clients in their treatment and explain everything that we do.


Following your treatment, wherever possible, we will always provide you with aftercare advice that will help you to maximise the benefits of your session. Typically this could include exercises to help you feel better faster and training advice to help prevent any reoccurrence of an injury.

Maintenance & Injury Prevention

We have developed therapy sessions, which will help you to remain fit and healthy during training, reducing the risk of becoming injured, and generally helping you to get stronger. These sessions are particularly useful for athletes of any ability on a regular basis. They also help us to identify any potential problems and work on them before they cause real problems.


Sports Massage

We offer full body or specifically targeted deep tissue massage, which is beneficial to everyone, not just those taking part in sport. A sports massage is very different to most thereautic treatments, but it will invigorate you muscles and body, increase circulation and release tension throughout.

Treatment and Training Packages

We can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and offer a variety of packages to help, whether you want rehabilitation after injury, training for a specific event or simply a safe and effective way to exercise, contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


Contact us

Please feel free to contact us, to discuss your individual circumstances and the ways in which we can help you to reach your goals.

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