The benefits of Sports Massage

The benefits of sports massage for everyone – ‘not a tea light in sight’

Sports or deep tissue massage is a form of physical therapy, which works deep into the muscles, realigning muscle fibres and connective tissues and flushing away toxins from the body. The process elongates shortened or tight muscles and improves and boosts circulation. This increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of waste products throughout the body. Increased blood circulation also means decreased blood pressure, which can be particularly beneficial to everyone.

This type of treatment is very different from the relaxing superficial massages usually offered by health spas, such as Swedish massage, which subsequently don’t provide the same benefits.

For anyone taking part in sport, a deep tissue massage will help by providing faster recovery, preventing injury and improving performance. Before a race or event, a massage can help your body to prepare itself. After a hard session or race it can reduce muscle soreness and fatigue and improve connective tissue healing. It also helps with recovery after injury and restores posture and gait.

The benefits of sports massage are cumulative, regular sessions will increase joint mobility and flexibility and reduce the risk of injury during exercise, these benefits increase with time. Incorporating massage therapy into a regular training plan maximises the preventative qualities of the treatment and allows anyone to perform at their best.

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