Our Services are not just beneficial if you’re injured. We can help you to prevent injuries occurring in the first place and to improve your performance or achieve your goals.

Prevent Injury

Regular maintenance treatment sessions or sessions as soon you begin to feel pain, will help to prevent injury occurring. We can also advise you how to reduce regularly occurring problems and together we can find solutions. Regular treatment can also help to make your muscles stronger and increase their flexibility for example.

Improve your training

Utilising our underwater treadmill can help you to make massive performance gains. You can increase the duration and/or intensity of your training, whilst also training harder on consecutive days. The effects of the warm water also mean that you can help your body to recover faster from harder sessions or races whilst continuing to train and improve fitness.

Get fit!

If you find it hard to exercise or play any sport for any reason whatsoever, our underwater treadmill can help. The water will support your body and reduce the impact of running or walking by up to 50% whilst it also means that you burn more calories than walking outside at the same pace. Our location also means you can train in private or with others. Please get in touch if you want any more information.